How long will the session last?

The session will last for 4 hours.

How many images do I receive?

You will receive 50 retouched shots in black & white and colour, as well as digital contact sheets containing all the images.

Can I print copies of the final images myself or only through you?

You can print your own images. I will supply you with high resolution files to send to the printers. Alternatively, I can arrange printing for an additional fee.

Can I use my images on the internet?

Of course! Upload them to Spotlight, Casting Call Pro, Facebook, your website or anywhere to promote yourself. Just don’t forget to credit 8x10!

What about retouching?

I will retouch any blemishes, but remember that it is very important that you look like you.

How long before I receive my edited images?

Normally, you will receive the digital files within 2 days of your session. If you need me to organise prints, they will take up to 2 weeks.

What should I wear?

Please bring a selection of tops with you, both light and dark. V necks work well. Try and avoid patterns and logos as much as possible please.

Will there be a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist?

No. Remember, you want to look like you when you turn up for a casting. Try and keep your makeup as natural as possible. You can adjust with your hair as we shoot too.

Do you offer different lighting styles and backgrounds?

The lighting style can vary depending on what sort of look you require for your head shots. Usually, I work with a white backdrop lit so it fades to grey but we can use grey or black if you like.

Do you offer studio and outdoor shots?

We will do both studio and outdoor shots (weather permitting).

If you are under 18 please ask a parent or guardian to contact me to discuss your session.